Do you think professors should stay out of Facebook?

Answer It should be. Professors had bulletin boards in their day. It should stay that way.

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How can I stay away from facebook?

It matters on WHY you want to stay away. Me personally, I wanted to stay away cuz I got addicted to it, but I finally learned self control. But a few suggestons is figure out WHY it makes you sad. ... Read More »

Would you stay friends with your ex on facebook?

Move on... Ur not his gf anymore, so who cares what he's up to... Best way is to delete him as ur friend on FB.... You need to move on..Thr is a plenty of fish or who knew you might be a good fish ... Read More »

How to stay hidden on facebook/?

If you want to stay hidden, you need to set your privacy preferences to private so only you can see. But, if you want to be hidden, why even have a Facebook account?

How can I stay online on facebook 24 hours a day?

I'm not too sure about iPhone's, but on my S3, whenever something happens on the facebook app, I get a notification. I guess just allow notifications on your device, and that way, whenever somethin... Read More »