Do you think gay marriage should be legal?

Answer Yes, why not? They're not harming anyone by getting married!:D

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Do you think we should raise the legal driving age to 18?

what should be done is more thorough training instead of just nothing until 18. that will just wind up causing the rookie 18 yr olds to be just as lethal as a 16 yr old wise-azz thin... Read More »

Do you think the UK legal driving age should be raised to 21?

Yes I do, and they should have to sit an I.Q. test beforehand and if they don't achieve a score of 100 they should not be allowed to drive

Do you think 18 should be the legal age to purchase and drink alcohol?

I totally agree w/ you. Either lower the drinking age to 18, or raise the age to get into the military to 21.

Do you think the legal age for driving should be higher or lower than the lagal drinking age?

The Driving age should be lower because good driving skills require experience and knowledge. So people should start driving at as early an age as possible. To get the experience that is needed to ... Read More »