Do you think people's mindset has to catch up with technology?

Answer Can technology meet ALL your needs, Mrs. ketchup on bologna?(Oh God, this is bad! all I can think of is food!)

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How to Live with the Punk Mindset?

Want to be a punk? Unless you're okay with being a loner or being called a poser, you'll need the punk mindset. It's more than just the attitude, it's a whole way of life. If you want to learn more... Read More »

Anyone think its wrong to pick up free furniture in front of peoples houses?

Not if you can't afford NEW or Resale prices, but you should always inspect it first. You might be bringing home a roach or flea infestation. I'd clean it before moving it into your home. Maybe you... Read More »

I need help with clutter control, especially of 'other peoples/dead relatives stuff that I ended up with.?

National Geographics from the 1960's are worth nothing:…I would ask your local library if they want them to complete their collection -- if not, recycle th... Read More »

TO Catch A Predator-why do those guys actually think.....?

have you seen the people on that show? there not exactly the most reasonable people out there. plus there are extremely slutty missguided girls alive in the world