Do you think passwords over 50 characters are Super Secure?

Answer how are you going to remember it? if you're going to write it down anywhere that's not very secure as someone will find it... just stick to something that you can remember

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How to Keep Your Passwords Secure?

Here are some suggestions on motivating yourself to change your passwords regularly to keep them secure.

How to Secure Passwords Before Storing in Mysql?

In case you want to create a login script in PHP, you should secure the stored passwords.

Is there a computer program where you can keep your passwords and pins and they're kept secure?

i create a folder in my email and send it to myself for example a pin number for lloyds bank i would name for securityas john lloyd and put a false phone number with the last 4 digitsthat are your ... Read More »

This is super super urgent please answer if you know- would you say this website is secure or a con?

Hi.They supply no contact address on there website, not even in there Terms.There website has no SSL Certificate but they are probably very small. You should be covered by Paypal if something goes ... Read More »