When did Barack Obama think of becoming President of the United States?

Answer According to an ABC News report, "Barack Obama, Unplugged," the former Illinois State Senator and U.S. Senator established an exploratory committee on Jan. 16th, 2007, to look into the feasibility ... Read More »

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Will the secret service truly protect president obama?

Approximately 14.76 METs. On Sat Dec 20 2008 I achieved a score of 225 reps in the 10-minute Secret Service Snatch Test. My Polar FT-80 Heart Rate monitor recorded the following dataSession Durati... Read More »

Who do u think will win Obama or Mccain!?

How many African-Americans ran for U.S. president before President Obama?

Before Barack Obama became the first African-American to be elected president, six other African-Americans entered presidential races. Black candidates, including Shirley Chisholm, Jesse Jackson, C... Read More »

Do you think 2.17 mbps is good speed for a broadband connection, good answerer will be get 10 points.?

8 bit = 1Byte here look at the b and Bb= bitB=byteso 2.17Mbps = 2.17/8 MBps = 0.27125 MBpsNow we know 1MBps = 1000KBpsSo in KBps your speed is 0.27125*1000 KBps = 271.25 KBpsIf you take a 2.17mbps ... Read More »