Do you think myspace is dangerous?

Answer no, just don't put a bunch of personal information or tons of pictures on there and you should be pretty safe.

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Is Myspace dangerous or are we all dissing an inanimate object?

Myspace is not evil if you know how to use it. :)I have met a long lost friend I haven't seen since elementary school through myspace.If you know all the people that are on your friends list, it ca... Read More »

Do you think facebook is dangerous?

It can be.Mostly, it's a time waster.It's a great way to piss one's life away.All those hours spent on it, you will never get back.Avoid at all costs!***

Is this as illegal and dangerous as i think?

It's really dangerous. a million things could of happened this is an interesting story…

Do you think MySpace is safe?

Actually It's not safe and i don't use MYSPACE