Do you think my website looks good?

Answer Ok you want me to be honest, then I shall be.It's only my opinion and you may not like it...Well you have seen it already. design - it does not talk to me. Change background, line stuff up, remove ... Read More »

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Do you think this looks good together?

yeah i think that will give the dress your own personal touch. Plus it will look super cute!

Do you think this landscaping looks good (Flikr pictures link)?

I like it except if it were mine I would plant more trees or have more flower beds in the large yard.Often neighbors or family are dividing their beg! LOLnfd♥

Does anyone like Johnny Depp do you think he looks good as pirate?

Puuuuuuuurfect. he has pirate written all over him, look at that jawline for a start..

What is the color of ur car or ur friends and do you think it looks good the color that it is?

My car is silver, my van is blue, and my friends come in variety of colors, though none are silver or blue. They are usually white, black, red, or yellow.Just kidding about the friends thing. I l... Read More »