Do you think my urine test will be clean?

Answer a regular smoker (smoke 5 or more times a week) would need to fast from the ganja for at least 30 days. If you smoked the really potent piff then you would need longer. There are all types of det... Read More »

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Will norco show up on my urine test?

Yes, it will show that you took some, but not how much.

How long will nicotine stay in the system for a urine test?

On One Hand: Longevity of NicotineNicotine is the substance in tobacco that creates a feeling of intoxication and causes addiction. After smoking, most of the nicotine has left your system after ab... Read More »

Will my boyfriend pass the drug test if he uses my urine thats a day old?

You Realize he doesnt need your urine right...? Marijuana only stays in your urine 2-3 days after you smoke, maybe a week if he smoked more than 3 times that week, Hes clean, and just "breathing i... Read More »

Will marijuana show up in a blood/urine test when going to get a physical?

If they test actively look for it yes, but it won't show up on a normal physical