Do you think my friend will like Crystal Pepsi if he also likes Zima?

Answer ^^Ouch...Did you really? I want some Crystal Pepsi!

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What did Crystal Pepsi taste like?

It had a more carbonated feel with a less "syrupy" after taste than classic Pepsi.

My friend likes sam from icarly what do you think?

i think shes ok like her who cares it wouldn't come true

How to Be Nice when You Know Your Friend Likes a Boy That You Like?

I know what it feels like when you best friend tells you when they say "who do you like?" and then you ask them the same question, and then they answer the person that you like/love. I know it feel... Read More »

You really like this boy and your friend likes him to how do you get this boy to like you?

Start by showing interest in him. If he doesn't even know you're interested, he won't consider you as a possibility. so little subtle hints that you're interested would definitely help. You never k... Read More »