Do you think my foots broken?

Answer I broke my foot before and didn't realize it was broken, so it is possible t o do since it didn't hurt as much as you'd think a broken foot should. If your doctor didn't X-ray you when you went to... Read More »

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How do i get big foots heart...i got it bad for him?

I think you have all of Big Foot already including his heart.

I think my toe is broken?

Did you call a toe truck? Sorry, couldn't resist. Are we talking all the toes, or just one that's injured?It's a very common issue, braking a toe. If the skin is not broken, you should be able to... Read More »

My ipod is broken i think?

Try draining it and the if all the water is out:try opening up and putting back togethershould workworked for me

I think my ankle is broken ?

See a doctor now. You should know in an ER, a broken bone is a low priority.Put ice on it and get to the doctor now. One way to be sure that you have broken a bone is to put heat on it - if you f... Read More »