Do you think my fiance should be worried about her weight?

Answer No shes perfectly normal

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My fiance has diabetes ... should i be worried?

The treatment and technology for diabetes care has improved greatly over the past few years. It is VERY likely your mom is relying on more outdated or misinformation than she thinks. Your mom is ob... Read More »

How to help my fiance lose weight?

Yes, I would stick to a diet too, at least when he is around, just to encourage him to eat well. You can also work out together - go for walks together or play some one-on-one in the park. I heard ... Read More »

Is it a good idea for my fiance to take a weight training class with me?

She is beautiful. But I think she should not be losing anymore weight, but I think getting herself toned and staying active would be great. So yes you two taking a weight training class would be wo... Read More »

My really worried!?

Well i'm a teen but I will not be rude. I'm also a 14 year old girl. You are not fat at all and in the picture you look pretty. I think you probably look great! I'm 5"2 and I'm about 113 pounds. I ... Read More »