Do you think my cut needs more than a bandaid ?

Answer Bandaides if it is that deep are not going to prevent the bleeding or promote healing.Grab a CLEAN, LINT FREE towel and firmly wrap your up in it.Place this hand above your heart level and KEEP THE... Read More »

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My YouTube channel needs more views in my opinion. What do you think?

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Why do ppl think myspace is more unsafe than facebook.?

MySpace is better. People only get killed because they made a bad choice. They can make bad choices on Facebook, too. And a lot of times people complain that if someone gets killed and they just ha... Read More »

Do You think light pink lips are more attractive than...?

Can you think of any celebrity more vapid than Tyra Banks...?

Tyra is bad... lol... I was watching it once and she actually said"I would like to tell my audience that you should never put bleach in your mouth"I also enjoyed when she was trying to explain the ... Read More »