Do you think lighting yourself on fire is stupid?

Answer Setting yourself on fire is BRILLIANT if you want an agonizing death.…

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Do you honestly think blondes are stupid Star if you think they arent!?

Not at all! I am a true light natural blonde and I have just completed my M.S.!!! I have put up with the comments all my life ("what brand of coloring do you use?" "You shouldn't color your hair,... Read More »

Is it stupid to cut yourself?

Who sang fire on the mountain and lighting in the air?

The song "Fire on the Mountain (and Lightning in the Air)" was written and performed by the Marshall Tucker Band as the lead song on their album, "Searchin' for a Rainbow," which was released in 19... Read More »

I think i got the stupid gene?

i think i've got the same problem..but stupid is such a harsh word...instead i'd like to call it clumsy