Do you think lighting yourself on fire is stupid?

Answer Setting yourself on fire is BRILLIANT if you want an agonizing death.…

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Who sang fire on the mountain and lighting in the air?

The song "Fire on the Mountain (and Lightning in the Air)" was written and performed by the Marshall Tucker Band as the lead song on their album, "Searchin' for a Rainbow," which was released in 19... Read More »

Any suggestions on affordable lighting ideas for lighting a "green screen" for chroma keying?

try portable halogen work's a quick search result:…

Howcome my stupid computer won't recognize the stupid usb?

because both of them are stupid, isn't that obvious! O.o

How many hours lighting is required for long and short day lighting?

The amount of lighting varies by plant type. However, a general rule would be more than 12 hours of darkness for short-day plants, less than 12 hours of darkness for long-day.while the above answer... Read More »