Do you think killing animals is wrong most if not all the time?

Answer If an animal is killed;- for a legitimate purpose- as humanely as possible- and doing so does not threaten the species or population- and is done so legallyThen no, I do not think it is "wrong".Acc... Read More »

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Do you think killing animals is wrong ?

I think it is wrong to kill animals, because we can be healthy without eating meat. I am glad to see a Christian who thinks the way you do because a lot of them think "God gave us animals to eat".... Read More »

I think killing animals for their fur is wrong, but would it be ok to wear the animal while its still alive?

It would depend on what else you are wearing. A hamster pocket kerchief might clash.

Is it wrong to brush your teeth on the toilet killing two birds with one stone, time is precious?

nope...ive done it every once in a while. but i love brushing my teeth in the shower. your whole body is clean and your teeth...idk but i really like it. sometimes i keep a toothbrush and toothpast... Read More »

Are you killing animals when you cut grass?

Most insects will leave the area from the noise and vibration of the mower. You will probably not encounter animals unless you are cutting a field that is seriously over grown. I grew up in the c... Read More »