Do you think kids should get a cell phone at the age of 10?

Answer Here are some options: 1. Your phone is turned off: press the button on the upper side of the Iphone for around 5 seconds.2. The sim-Lock on your Iphone is enabled so your phone doesn't work proper... Read More »

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Do you think a daughter that is 10 should have a cell phone. She wants a phone?

She probably wants a car too. My only suggestion(if she is responsible) at max is have an extra phone that when shes gone somewhere you can contact her on. Theres truly no need for a 10 year old to... Read More »

Do u think kids should have cell phones?

If the child is responsible enough and you feel there is a need for them to have one then yes.There is a great new cell phone called the firefly that only allows children to call the numbers the pa... Read More »

How Old Should Kids Be to Use a Cell Phone?

The Microsoft Office 2007 suite of programs features an auto-recovery system that helps avoid losing work in unsaved documents. Word 2007, and the other programs, allows the user to configure the a... Read More »

How old do you think u should be to get a cell phone?

Hey,I am 15 and i still don't have a cell phone. My mom said that i won't get one until i go to college. I think that the only excuse to get one is to be in many after school activities.