Do you think its wrong to eat animals?

Answer No. Animals eat animals.

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Is it morally wrong to eat animals?

Do you think killing animals is wrong ?

I think it is wrong to kill animals, because we can be healthy without eating meat. I am glad to see a Christian who thinks the way you do because a lot of them think "God gave us animals to eat".... Read More »

Is there something wrong with eating animals?

if we were meant to eat meat, we would have shorter bowels for easier digestion, carnivorous teeth (no, those little canines we have do not count!), and we'd be able to hunt them in the wild like t... Read More »

Do you think killing animals is wrong most if not all the time?

If an animal is killed;- for a legitimate purpose- as humanely as possible- and doing so does not threaten the species or population- and is done so legallyThen no, I do not think it is "wrong".Acc... Read More »