Do you think its stupid to answere all these questions?

Answer No, because, first, you didn't capitalize your D in 'do', and second, for %#$@ sakes, you have a #@$%ing 'e' in 'answer'!

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Does anyone else think its stupid that you get negative points for asking questions?…

How do people manage to answere so many questions?

dont be a paster please ... if u do make them short and direct .. theres nothing worse than a 3 foot long pasted post ... just type fast :)

All these 'am i pretty questions' do you give an honest answer to what you think!!?

yes. sometimes, i can come off rude but they asked for it.

Do you honestly think blondes are stupid Star if you think they arent!?

Not at all! I am a true light natural blonde and I have just completed my M.S.!!! I have put up with the comments all my life ("what brand of coloring do you use?" "You shouldn't color your hair,... Read More »