Do you think its stupid to answere all these questions?

Answer No, because, first, you didn't capitalize your D in 'do', and second, for %#$@ sakes, you have a #@$%ing 'e' in 'answer'!

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How do people manage to answere so many questions?

dont be a paster please ... if u do make them short and direct .. theres nothing worse than a 3 foot long pasted post ... just type fast :)

What is with all the stupid Facebook questions lately?

The raid ended yesterday, back to stupid for this section.We could raise the bar and raid more often, if we gave ashit.{{{India}}}

Does anyone else think its stupid that you get negative points for asking questions?…

How do I stop asking and answering stupid questions ?

ur not trapped this is ur world, out side the screen is just fantasy, a recurring dream, u keep having but be careful if u keep searching for the fantasy u might never come back here