Do you think its ok for a 10 year old to have a facebook account?

Answer hey, im 14. Basically, you are actually allowed an account when you are 13. And its 13 for a reason. Even I have come across some DODGY people - men who have said disgustingly sexual things to me. ... Read More »

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Should my 9 year old daughter have a facebook account?

Nope, she is WAY too young. Allow her an account at 13 years old, at the EARLIEST.

Do you think its acceptable for a 3 year old to actually have his own facebook?

it violates the T+Cs of facebook. You should report the profile.

Why did facebook think my account was fake?

the main reasons are if you are using a name that isnt your real name, or if you are lying about your age, or if they detect that you created more than one accountor someone reported you for one of... Read More »

Do you think 10yrs old is too young for a Facebook account?