Do you think it's cruel to eat meat?

Answer NOPEit's not cruel to eat meat:))

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Why do vegetarians find it cruel to eat meat?

Je vais a France!- Yes because shooting an animal while it slowly bleeds to death is so much more humane than slitting their throat while they slowly bleed to death... Makes sense. Oh wait...

My 4 year old son is refusing to eat meat. He says it's cruel to do so. ?

I am a meat eater.That said, kids who are vegetarian's score higher on their test scores and tend to have higher IQ's. So. At 4...Maybe he's a genius.I say let him eat what he wants but maybe try t... Read More »

Does eating meat make us cruel people?

Another vegan calling you a murderer? How many does that make this week, Foxie -- at least 10? Darlin', you really need to take that, "Kick me, I'm a meat eater" sign off your rump. Given that ever... Read More »

Vegetarians: would you eat meat if animals weren't killed in such a cruel way?

No, I wouldn't. But that doesn't take away from the fact that animals are beaten and abused for humans' "entertainment"; that they are mutilated and confined to tiny cages so we can eat them; that ... Read More »