Do you think it is good to have some light hearted fun on this site occasionally?

Answer Yes and No. most people come to this site for advice or to give it. If everyone started having a bit of fun,then how would we know what to take serious,worse still a complete innocent could follow ... Read More »

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Is DeviantARTcom is a good site or a Bad site?

A good site!BUT my friend met a guy on there who we later found out was an online pedophile, so if you are okay with that...

How to Be Cold Hearted?

Despite your best efforts to be strong, he/she has broken your heart once again. After a tear soaked night of wallowing in self-pity you have decided that enough is enough. You must subtract him/he... Read More »

For the kind-hearted only ?

Thanks for sharing, I've got it circulating around my office now!

Vegetarians are cold hearted murderers?

Plants dont feel pain, they have no brain or pain receptors. It takes more plants to produce meat because animals have to be fed tons of plants to produce food for you. Vegans eat plants directly f... Read More »