Do you think it OK to drink and drive?

Answer That's really dangerous! You should rent a 10 wheel dump truck to drive that evening so you don't get hurt!

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Lots of people drink drive so do you think this is a good idea....?

When I'm drunk I see 4 or 5 lanes so I just pick the middle one.Anyway, I have to drive when I'm drunk as I can usually barely walk.

Going on a date tonight (for a drink), I don't drink alocohol, will he think it's lame?

This wasn't discussed when you made the plans to go out for a drink?

Why does my computer think that my flash drive is a disk drive?

no not a simple waycopy the really little 2gb of data to your computer, format it and put it back on then test it

I think I've removed something from (I think) my hard drive in an attempt to speed up my laptop...?

You probably uninstalled the sound driver. You will need to go to the laptop's manufacturer's website and find your model. Then see if they offer the drivers for download and install the sound driv... Read More »