Do you think in 20 years, I'll be sitting in front of a computer?

Answer The future is very hard to predict (people have been predicting that we will be using flying cars by now), but having autostereoscopic or holographic displays in 20 yrs is very possible.

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Why are you sitting in front of the stupid computer again?

Because my girlfriend, who apparently came over to see me, stuffed her face, watched 3/4 of a DVD, then went to bed and fell asleep while I was on the toilet. Frankly, you guys are better company.

I am 13 years old and I need a job.I can't do babysitting, house sitting or pet sitting. What else could i do?

Will washer/dryer go bad if they are sitting idle for over 3 years and possibly for another few more years?

Yes and no. In the garage they should be more or less okay. Laundry machines are constantly exposed to moisture as a direct result of their mission so they aren't as susceptible to rust as other ... Read More »

I'm 14 years old and i sit in front of my computer for around 15 hours, how bad is it?

One time: no problemMany times: problem(Problem for the eyes, the muscle tone, the back, the social contacts)