What movie should I watch tonight?

Answer Legends of the Fall is a wonderful classic movie. Brad Pitt is at his best ;)

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What is a REALLY good movie I should watch tonight?

Mean GirlsLittle Miss SunshineJunoSuperbadJawbreakerSugar and SpiceHeathersBeeltejuiceNow and ThenPretty PersuasionHard CandyWild ThingsHairsprayPeckerSerial MomChicagoRentRocky Horror Picture Show... Read More »

How to Sneak out of Your Bedroom to Watch TV, Play Video Games Etc?

What electronic device allows you to watch movies and play video games?

A Playstation 2, and 3 :) ♦♥♣♠

How to Play As Mr. Game and Watch In the Super Smash Bros. Games?

Many people complain about Game and Watch being slow, laggy, and cheap. He is actually strong and helpful. Here are a few steps to being a good player with him.