Do you think i should ask for a refund?

Answer well at the very least they owe you some money back for lost service.

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Do you think I'm entitled to a refund on a battery powered toothbrush I bought from Tesco?

Stupidity runs rampant in the world today. It’s clear by the responses who the idiots were that gave you thumbs down, Jus Curiuos (who can’t spell), susie x, and Medium Dave. These idiots prob... Read More »

Who do you think be in the final of big brother 9 UK i think it should be Kat Darnell Rex Mohammed Rachel?

You mean the series finale. I think anyone who doesn't drink, smoke or swear.

Should partial dentures hurt and fit this badly Could the dentist be sued or asked for a refund?

All partials take time for the person to get adjusted. Often it takes 4-8 weeks to becoem fully adjustedAll teeth are slightly forward compared to usual--particularly in the front. This is done t... Read More »

I think I should get a new collection of Red dresses...what do you think?

no problem to have new collection, but you need classy & sexy dresses, don't know why I felt that dress doesn't suit you....Z