Do you think i am still a vegetarian?

Answer You are either a vegetarian or you are not one, so it doesn't matter whether you drink the soup or just the noodles you are still eating a meat dish, so you can't claim to be a complete vegetarian.... Read More »

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Does anybody still think to themselves 'I can't believe I'm a vegetarian'?

Not me. I'm pretty much amazed when I skip meat for a day, I love it so much. ∠°)

If i'm vegetarian, and I eAT FISH, WOULD I STILL BE A VEGETARIAN? is an animal..vegetarians do not eat animals. Eggs found at the supermarket have never been nor will they ever be embryos since they have never been fertilized.

Are you vegetarian by choice if so do you think being a vegetarian good and why?

What do non vegetarian think of vegetarian people?

I eat meat and my son is vegetarian. I look at him as healthy. I don't really love eating meat and can do without it but I do crave a hamburger and ribs once in a while. I'm aware I can get protein... Read More »