Do you think i am really that fat... (picture)?

Answer You are perfect. By the way if you don't care what we think why ask?Men hate skinny, anorexic looking women.

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Don't you think that for all the effort it takes to win SCD that the trophy is really shite?

lol .... yeah that's what I thought when it was sitting on the table on Claudia's show. A friggin glitterball ... but that's the BBC for you. lol

Do you think that Louis Tomlinson is hott in this picture?

Is that whole facebook cartoon default picture really run by pedophiles?

Hmmmm...this is such an interesting thing. Kids probably shouldn't be on Facebook/Myspace if they're not using it carefully. And where are the parents who should be monitoring their internet use?! ... Read More »

Does everyone really think that...?

People only hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see Mei LingI hate being adopted but love my adoptive parents.I hate the process and the systemI also despise people who use a flaw... Read More »