Do you think i am fat or overweight?

Answer I think you are just right, it seems like from your name you are a swimmer. Stick with that, you know muscle ways more then fat so if you are concerned about your weight its probably just because ... Read More »

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Ok, I'm not overweight, but do you think i'm fat?

BMI numbers don't always tell the whole story. Mine is 24.9 and I can see my ribs.... I would suggest toning up. Moving around is the best thing. If you feel fat, you are. I think you could also u... Read More »

Do u guys think that im overweight?

Do you think i am overweight (honest answers please)?

you need to gain some weight. I would think that at 126lbs and nearly 6 feet tall, you need to be at least 20 lbs heavierplease talk to your parents and go to a doctor

Do you think its right for the national health not to treat people who are overweight or smoke?

Any type of national health program has to treat everyone, whether they smoke, are over weight, have high blood pressure, etc. The only exceptions are treating people who are pregnant who often fal... Read More »