Are pellets guns& BB guns illegal in Texas?

Answer Pellet guns and BB guns are legal in Texas. According to the National Rifle Association, both handguns and longguns can be purchased in Texas with no waiting period and without a license or permit ... Read More »

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Do you think blue or green eyeshadow should be illegal ?

it should be fun and a way to express yourself, I like to watch clowns at the circus.

What are five boy names you think should be illegal?

1 ~ Chase2 ~ River (I don't even consider this a real name)3 ~ Ryder4 ~ Bentley (Car much?)5 ~ Weston I like Gavin lol.

Vegans, do you think killing animals should be illegal?

Yes! Absolutely right. At least then the "thou shall not kill" would have a true and full significance. We don't need anything that comes from the death of an animal to survive, in fact, synthetic ... Read More »

Are BB guns illegal in New Jersey?

No, BB guns are not illegal in New Jersey. However, they are classified as a firearm, like any other gun. For this reason, it is illegal to have a BB gun in New Jersey without a permit. With a perm... Read More »