Do you think frog legs taste good?

Answer yea! It taste good I like it , you can cook by soup, or cook with 1/3wine 1/3water and 1/3 sauce and some onions inside and give some herbs last will taste great .

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What do frog legs taste like?

If you crossed a cod fish and a chicken, that's what it tastes like

What uncommon foods you think taste pretty good Duck, bird, frog, lizard, crickets and so on?

How to Fix Frog Legs?

Many people enjoy the taste of frog legs -- kind of a "tastes like chicken" flavor combined with a hint of fish. Even in 2900 BC, archaeologists discovered at a dig in the Czech Republic, ancient p... Read More »

How much will a food stand charge for frog legs?

I would say 6.89 I love frog legs my favorite