Do you think facebook is a passing fad?

Answer Yup! Where is myspace, yahoo, and aol now. Just another .com that will be .gon when the next new fad comes along with some new idea that we all just have to have to be cool with the in crowd. Oh, ... Read More »

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What you do after passing BA?

Passing through Canada?

No. US law requires you to have passport, enhanced driver's licenses, or NEXUS passes in order to reenter the United States.Children under 16 may cross (at a ground crossing) with only proof of cit... Read More »

3D TV: Is it a passing fad, or is the the future of TV?

Honestly, it's way too early to say. 3DTVs have barely been around for 5 months and only one major 3D network has come out so far. It's going to be years before 3DTV becomes a big deal. People need... Read More »

Passing out while sitting?

NO its not serious unless it come back a few times a week then see a doctor