Do you think facebook is a passing fad?

Answer Yup! Where is myspace, yahoo, and aol now. Just another .com that will be .gon when the next new fad comes along with some new idea that we all just have to have to be cool with the in crowd. Oh, ... Read More »

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Do you think Facebook would hire me to use my Facebook page?

Get ID of Mark Zuckerberg and mail him your idea, may be he can give it a review.

Do you think facebook is lame?

yes, also myspace is getting old...time 4 something else..i already deleted both of my accounts

Do you think facebook is dangerous?

It can be.Mostly, it's a time waster.It's a great way to piss one's life away.All those hours spent on it, you will never get back.Avoid at all costs!***

Do you think facebook will die out?

man i always think the same thing. however facebook is here to stay. like you said. there is always something new about facebook. myspace is even trying to be more like facebook. i used to HATE fac... Read More »