Do you think everyone in the world has a computer?

Answer Of course not. There are far too many poor people, homeless people, elderly and people who live in jungles that do not have computers.Check out this article from Intel. They estimate only 10% of ... Read More »

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Why in the World is my Computer?

You have tried the obvious so maybe just maybe your registry needs a wash and a defrag. A SAFE good tool can be downloaded for trial (unrestricted used) from:

How many MB IS ONE GB (gig bites) IN COMPUTER WORLD?

1,000 kilo bite = 1 mega bite.1,000 mega bite= 1 giga bite1,000 giga bite= 1 tera bite

Who invented the first computer in the world and when?

The first electronic digital computer was the ABC built by John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry in 1940 at Iowa State University. Several of its ideas were incorporated into the ENIAC which ran fro... Read More »

Who invented the world's first computer?

In 1941, German scientist Konrad Zuse (1910-1995) invented the world's first freely programmable automatic calculator, the Z3. The first machine resembling a modern computer is the ENIAC (electroni... Read More »