Do you think cooking is fun or work ?

Answer Fun at home. Hard work at work. My Dad was/is an exceptional chef in the UK who retired a few years back and is approaching 70. To watch him in the kitchen was stressful because of the perfection h... Read More »

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I'm cooking pasta for the first time, and I think it's almost done. But I just realized that I have a problem?

I heard the best thing to do is throw the pan of pasta against the wall to see if it sticks. This way you can make sure it IS actually done as well as get rid of the water.

Is cooking sherry used just like infused cooking oils?

No. Oils and alcohols have two different functions. For example alcohols are frequently used to de-glaze a pan to start to use the burnt on goodies as the basis of a sauce or a gravy.

British Food Cooking Question: Does anyone have any good recipes for cooking...?

Yeah, I think that goes really good with a dose of extra strength penicillin.*cries because spots are uber creepy!*

What is the difference between cooking methods and cooking processes?

A cooking method is the method that you actually cook or not cook the food or meal. For example:freeze (as in desserts)cure, preserve, roast, grill, saute, boil, steam, brine, pickle, dry (or dehyd... Read More »