Do you think chris crocker is?

Answer No, I think he's different, as we all are...and I feel sorry for people who feel they need to make fun of him when they should be focusing on their own lives rather then shunning someone elses (Not... Read More »

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Chris Crocker?

Haha, like it!!! Feck he's such a tit! I HATE the man and he's getting much publicity from it, even if it's bad it's good to him. He get's off on public reaction and that makes me angry! His stupid... Read More »

Do you think Chris Crocker has more fans or haters?

60% haters 40% fans.about 20% of the haters are against the way he got famous for nothing and is a walking stereotype.about 10% are against him being openly gay and showing his views about straight... Read More »

Chris smith is the situation unit leader no planing section chief is assigned whoe does chris smith report to?

in the 1970's did you have to be a us citizen to join the air force in united states

Chris smith is the situation unit leader. No planning section chief is assigned. who does chris smith rport to?

Evolutionary, Biological/genetic, Environmental and Behaviorial.This anser is loosely based around the four schools of thought of psychology.