Do you think cell phone is useful?

Answer i couldnt live without mine

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Do you think a daughter that is 10 should have a cell phone. She wants a phone?

She probably wants a car too. My only suggestion(if she is responsible) at max is have an extra phone that when shes gone somewhere you can contact her on. Theres truly no need for a 10 year old to... Read More »

Don't you think it's time for cell phone companies to start standardizing phone chargers?

Actually... It's going to happen by 2012. They announced it on the news a few days ago. Seventeen manufacturers and carriers will be involved, including all the popular brands.Link- The Wall Street... Read More »

How old do you think u should be to get a cell phone?

Hey,I am 15 and i still don't have a cell phone. My mom said that i won't get one until i go to college. I think that the only excuse to get one is to be in many after school activities.

When do you think is the right age to get a cell phone?

I got mine when I was 14, going into high school. I don't think you really need one before then, because parents drive you everywhere in middle and elementary school. But in high school, you go out... Read More »