Do you think braces look okay?

Answer If you get blue their going to be more visible than you would want them to be, id go with white or invisaline. Braces are okay but there not the best looking thing

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Do you think i look okay (picture)?

You are quite a courageous person to put your photos out there and ask the world to judge your looks.I think that says more about who you are then any marks on your face.I've heard mean people say ... Read More »

Do you guys think girls with braces are ugly Do they make you look different Do they hurt Answer please.?

Girls with braces are not ugly, just because you have something extra on your teeth doesn't mean that you turn ugly. I have them right now and i think they suit me, they don't really look bad. I do... Read More »

Why do people think bad of tattoos/piercings, but think plastic surgery is okay?

You can get plastic surgery and a lot of times no one will know that you did it. Tattoos and piercings are generally pretty obvious. You're right - it is all body modification. But those who are... Read More »

Is it okay to eat this with braces?

Yes you can eat those they will be fine. It's generally just stuff that is really hard and could pop a bracket off eg.-Whole Apples-Nuts-Caramel-Hard CandyEverything that you used to be able to eat... Read More »