Do you think boys should shave they legs and if you are boy do you shave your legs?

Answer It's whatever their preference is.

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Ladies, when you shave your legs do you shave just the lower leg, or the upper leg too?

I try and shave my legs right up to my excellent pubic dreads, which are approximately 3" above my knees.

My exgirlfriend thinks my legs are too hairy but I honestly don't want to shave my legs?

i think guys with hairy legs are hot!!!!well i guess you should trim it a bit but not to much it would look funnyBTW what planet is she from to think that(girls today are getting mighty weird)

How do i ask my mom if I can shave my legs?

how can you be in 5th-8th. you can only be in one grade at a time.Just tell her, "Mom, don't you think its time I started shaving? This hair is embarassing...people are going to think i'm unhygieni... Read More »

Help! im 13 and how do i ask my mom to let me shave my legs?