Do you think being born in a vegetarian family is a blessing?

Answer FriendOne death is a tragedy. One million deaths is a statistic."-Kevin FederlineEating monkey brains are commonly attributed to Chinese, and yet, there are people from other corners of the world ... Read More »

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Are you vegetarian by choice if so do you think being a vegetarian good and why?

My mum and the rest of the family don't like me being a vegetarian?

I really don't believe you when you say that there isn't anything in the house that you can eat to get protein from. There must be nuts or beans or peanut butter. If you are still eating eggs and d... Read More »

I think I'm gonna stop being a vegetarian!?

Someone said peanut butter... You could try that.Also, make bean burgers... there are plenty of bean cake recipes online... slap one on a bun with some lettuce and tomato... you got a meat substitu... Read More »

Why do people think that being vegetarian is wrong!?

I'm a meat-eater but I don't jump right in with a "you're missing out" comment without some form of "why do you eat meat if you love animals" comment first. Both sides of this have these comments m... Read More »