Do you think as time has gone on you've become more relaxed about parenthood?

Answer Before I opened the question the first thing I thought was THE SOOTHER! LOL I remember distinctly sterilizing the poop out of the thing if it even got to close to the floor. That was with my son, w... Read More »

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Is a delayed parenthood a current trend in parenthood?

There is a theory that a man could carry a baby to term on top of his liver; but it would have to be implanted and medically we are very far away from that theory becoming a reality.

How to Keep Relaxed Hair Moisturized All the Time?

African American hair tends to be dry and brittle in comparison to other hair types. It is porous which means that it loses moisture easily. African-American hair is usually kinky or curly, which m... Read More »

Technically, what is relaxed hair In magazines, they say, "straight, wavy, curly, relaxed"?

Relaxed hair has gone through a chemical process which removes the strong curl in hair, making it somewhat straight, or "relaxed".The reason it is described this way is because it is not really str... Read More »

What is the most complicated movie youve ever seen?

inception only if u didnt get it from the beginning but if u did it was a fantastic movie