Do you think all restaurants should include veggie meal?

Answer It absolutely appalls me that a cook cant provide a few vegetarian and vegan meals on the menue. What is the matter with mushroom pasta, chickpea curry, vegetable burgers, zucchini slice, vegetable... Read More »

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Do you think all you can eat restaurants should be banned?

Yes. Please. Government, assume my will for me.That idea might work unless there is one, just ONE person who's will won't be owned. I, am at least that one.Or maybe we should just chalk the buffet... Read More »

Don't you think restaurants should also have a "No Children" section?

Actually, no I don't think there should be a "No Children" section of restaurants in general, as parents need to be allowed to teach their children how to behave in a public setting. That being sa... Read More »

Does this bother you as well Why do people seem to think if you are a veggie you can still eat fish?

Because there are a lot of 'vegetarians' who do eat fish! For us non veggies it can be difficult to find something to cook for vegetarians -fish just widens the options! Don't be upset by it, jus... Read More »

How many times a week do you think you really cook a meal at home?