Do you think abortion is wrong?

Answer I am 100% Pro-Choice.

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Abortion, right or wrong?

If we lived the way that God wants us to live, we would marry, and then get pregnant. When we got pregnant, we would want our child and love not only the child's other parent but, we would love ou... Read More »

Does Dr Phil think abortion is wrong?

Pro-Choicers do you ever think that an abortion is wrong?

(((searcher)))a good questionit is difficult though , as I try not to judgebut I do not like women who use it as contraception.... and I do not agree with late term abortions unless in the most ext... Read More »

Do you personally think Abortion is wrong or immoral....?

I believe abortion is wrong. I am sorry for the loss and pain you feel. We all make mistakes. I have no doubt that God has forgiven you.Unfortunately it isn't only women who suffer the after effe... Read More »