Do you think a video that has 3,481 views is good, really good, or bad?

Answer on a scale of 1-10...1

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Video cameras that take really good hd video and sound?

Start with a budget. Video capture devices (digital still point and shoot cameras) and camcorders start at around $50 and can get to $80,000. We don't know what you mean by "really good hd video an... Read More »

I found a good laptop that I really like, what do you think of it?

yeah it's fine. don't listen to those who say mac...

All you plant lovers out there, do you really think that talking to plants does any good?

Talking to them is good for the plant. Listening to them is good for you. RScott

How do you get more views on YouTube videos Is this a good video?

To get more views share your videos all over the internet. Make your friends and colleagues like them and share them. Another easy way to get views is that to buy youtube views. This would help you... Read More »