Do you think a person that weights 113 pounds and is 5'6 is FAT?

Answer No lol its not fat at all

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Do you think that it is safe to meet someone in person that you met over the internet?

Well, it is a difficult one. but I think I can answer it pretty well. I met my wife on the Internet. We meet through and we talked everyday for about 3 months then we decided to meet. ... Read More »

Do you think if I put on enough makeup, that it will cover up the fact that I'm an ugly person?

you call being cynical, despondent, malice-filled, overly aggressive, ID-driven, shallow, and afraid of sea shells 'ugly?' you're not ugly at all, that stuff is why we love you! now who wants to ... Read More »

My eight year old son asked for weights for Christmas I think he's too young a friend told me he would be fine if I made limits What do you think?

At age 8 your son should not be worrying about wieghts and muscles. He should be doin fun children activities. I would wait until he was atleast age 13 or well into puberty as you don't want to sti... Read More »

Am I the only person who think Paris Hilton is not that hot?

I agree with you and so do most of the people I know. Based on looks alone she is ugly, but then when you throw in her ignorance and rotten personality she is that much uglier! She is flat, boney k... Read More »