Do you think a person should shower everyday?

Answer uhh everyday! that's being hygenic.

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Should you shower everyday?

yes you should. i mean, sometimes your too tired or lazy, but.. everybody sweats everyday, even when you don't think you sweat, you did. and also against acne! defenitly do it everyday!

How many bottles/cans of BEER should a person drink EVERYDAY to call him/her an ALCOHOLIC?

actually it doesn't go by the number enki........truth betold goes be a persons dependency on the alcohol.......there are even several different categories of alcholic's ....there are some ... Read More »

I have shower everyday when i got home from work even if its a winter. is this normal to have shower every day?

I have a bath or shower nearly everyday. Sometimes 2 as I work in a kitchen area and smell lovely when I get home! I think its not normal to be clean!

Do you think it's logical to pee in the shower while taking a shower, if you need to go?

yesand to all you ignoramuses who claim that it is "dirty", it is actually sterile and kills germs on the shower floor