Do you think Wikipedia is reliable or untrustworthy as a research tool?

Answer Untrustworthy; People tended to edit articles that contain false and personal information.

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How reliable and accurate is Wikipedia for research?

Wikipedia is about as good a source of accurate information as Britannica, the venerable standard-bearer of facts about the world around us, according to a study published this week in the journal ... Read More »

Is wikipedia really reliable for research level reference.......?

It is not at all reliable for "research level reference." For research-level references, there are serious consequences for passing false information. That's not the case with Wikipedia.Think about... Read More »

How can Wikipedia be unacceptable for school research but reliable for other purposes?

Because, contrary to what right-wing nut jobs would have you think, professors have very little influence outside the classroom, which is the only place where there are well-defined negative conseq... Read More »

Do you think wikipedia is reliable source?

i think ts pretty reliable. The have discussion pages as to what should be included in the articles and every edit is recorded so it usually doesnt end up being really bad. p.s. one day i was bore... Read More »