Who thinks Selena Gomez is stupid for dating Bieber 10 points!!!?

Answer love is blind

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Jonas brothers, miley cyrus,demi lovato, and selena gomez?

So many answers!Anyways, hate is a strong word but I really really don't like Miley Cyrus!Don't get me wrong, I liked her in '06 but since she changed for the worse I dislike her! She takes inappro... Read More »

Who is better Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato or Hannah Montana or Jonas brothers?

1. Demi, 2. Selena, 3. Hannah Montana (Miley can't sing) Last place: Jonas Brothers.---

What do you think about Selena gomez?

i dont see y u should hate her1. singing: gotten much better,not loud but she can sing search , her cover of knew u were trouble or year without rain on radio disney or britney spears spring breake... Read More »

Who do you think is prettier than Selena Gomez?

Shakira,megan fox,hillary duff(before her marriage)