Do you think Microsoft will ever accept that Vista is a disaster?

Answer That's... a typical question coming from from someone whose name is "Linux Geek". Vista was hardly a disaster in terms of design and coding. It's a more robust operating system than XP was at its r... Read More »

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Will people ever accept Gary Taubes' book where he points out that low fat diets are ...?

It's absolutely amazing that after all he's done - not even a blip in the disastrous dogma that is destroying the health of the world.I understand the U.S. being stuck in this corrupt catch 22 situ... Read More »

Will Microsoft ever release a new version of Windows that won't totally suck?

i'm rebuilding my computer even as we speak. 98SE was the last windows that was any good. i finally started getting used to xp, even though i never could do anything with it, lol. but vista, it is ... Read More »

DOOL do you think that Nicole and Eric will ever get back together?

Not to be rude but DUH! Thats exactly whats going to happen why else would they bring back Eric and have Nicole all of a sudden still in love with him when for years no mention of him what so ever.... Read More »

Will an HP Pavilion a6230n accept Vista 64?

The HP Pavilion a6230n exceeds the minimum system requirements for 64-bit editions of Windows Vista and will accept the operating system. The Pavilion a6230n has a 64-bit processor and 3 GB of RAM.... Read More »