Do you think I'm fat Or ugly Honestly.?

Answer You are not ugly, pretty in fact. You should have put a full body up though in a bikini.. :) I'm not a pervert, I just wanted to see the whole picture. What size are you? Hey, just so you know, I w... Read More »

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Am i honestly ugly?

I think you need a new do....Hair is key to compliment your appearance....

Honestly guys Am i ugly?

u r not at all ugly.whoever says so might be jealous of u.:)

Honestly are my eyes ugly?

I think your eyes are much prettier then hers, but honestly, why do you care what people say about your eyes? People have no time on their hands and they're immature. Like they need to grow up. The... Read More »

Honestly what makes a girl ugly?

Its all about the attitude and personality.