I think I got a girl pregnant?

Answer Only if she felt itchy...went for a scratch, but forgot to wash her hand first

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How to Make a Girl to Think You Are the One?

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What do you think of this girl?

Ewwewweewwwweee! Srry i need a barf bag. see is like young and she looks 20.

Guys, How FAKE do you think a girl can get?

Its the overall package at any one point in time. If the "stuff" makes you feel confident and playful....fine. I like women that can give me a mix of looks...variety is the spice of life. There ... Read More »

How to Get a Girl to Think You're Cute?

If you like a girl and want her to like you back you are probably too shy to ask her. Being cute is a nice subtle way to get her attention and perhaps a little more...