Do you think Im a freak?

Answer You are definitely not a freak! Tell them they are freaks for drinking that soda! It's so unhealthy.

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Do you think the greatest freak out video's are real or fake?

I think the very first video of greatest freakout was real, and since then stephen was not crazy anymore and jack probably wanted to keep his reputation so they started making fake videos who knows... Read More »

What do you think of this freak accident in Chennai&who is responsible for dereliction of duty?

Well!!!!!!!!!!!The whole mess has happened due to :1. Reckess Traffic Police - Not Keeping sign board2. Irresponsible Officials - Not keeping signoard og work3. The Driver - A new person should ask... Read More »

Im i a freak?

Am I a geek or am I a freak?

you're both and a nerd for knowing all that and still being stuck in an identity crisis.I'd suggest, try something creative. Some of us leftbrainded folk eat up logic in our sleep. Pick up a an i... Read More »