Do you think I'll get caught if i..?

Answer there is a big risk of that happening but if your mp4 is something only YOU use then by all means, do it. but i wouldnt because me cousins, siblings used my stuff and i wont want them to see it, no... Read More »

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I got caught torrenting but i dont think its me?

I think I've been caught speeding?

Hi, I am an ex driving instructor and can help you. It is very unlikely that you would have been caught speeding by a camera on the other side of the road. The camera's you are talking about are... Read More »

What would you think if you caught your husband putting on your lipstick and his arms are shaved smooth?

My thoughts are he should buy his own damn lipstick! Thems mine!

Australians, what do you think about these four Police Officers caught lying under oath about the taser death?

The article in the link is badly jumbled. The four policemen who lied under oath did not kill the person they apprehended.The person who was tasered to death was the Brazillian guy - separate stor... Read More »